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Just like a greenhouse, IDEAhouse surrounds your ITovation with the necessary support to grow into a self-sustainable application. At IDEAhouse, we look at every aspect of your IT requirements and transform your inspiration to an innovation. We have a clear focus on the basic aspects required in the early stages of a new project or company. Together we provide the necessary input to clear the path to a newborn success.

Business Strategy

Technical Architecture




Without sufficient planning, the seeds and plants will not have the required space and sunlight to grow. With an idea, this is equally important. Without a realistic planning and goal, the ideas will not grow into the application you really had in mind.

More than 8 years of experience in business consulting for different IT sectors has thought us how to identify the core elements of your innovation ideas and translate this into a minimum-viable product (MVP). Having an MVP allows the initial ideas to be crosschecked with stakeholders, possible key users and investors in an early stage. It is important to keep focus on the essentials and not lose time and money to the details in the beginning of your innovation. However, when the innovation grows, the importance of the last mile (the little gritty details) will determine whether your innovation will be accepted by the end-user.
IDEAhouse can provide assistance in drafting the necessary requirements documents, process flows and business process modeling. This all too help in taking the first steps and direct the future roadmap.

A perfect soil

A perfect soil is the foundation for your ideas to sprout. In addition, it will provide the ideas with the necessary nutrition to growth and expand beyond the size you had expected.

A software project stands or falls with the technical architecture behind it. Do you want to use proven technologies or state of the art? Open-source, self-development or an out of the box solution? In the cloud, private cloud or on premise? … The options are endless and a starting project often does not have the time or resources to spend months in search for the best fit. IDEAhouse will listen to the idea and help design the best technical architecture within an agreed budget and timing, never losing track of the target MVP. In our philosophy, the architecture should be sufficiently robust for the early stages of the project, but also flexible enough to switch to other fundamentals when the time comes, for example in case of sudden grow-rates or required expansion in functionality.

Sprout and Seedling

Your idea is sprouting and seedling. To sustain its growth you need the correct supports for your idea while it is gaining strength. Some pruning will be required to gently reinforce the idea and re-focus its growth direction.

Once a clear MVP and short and long-term objectives are set, IDEAhouse can establish a development track together with you, within a short timeframe. IDEAhouse focusses on an agile development and has the required technical skills to perform the complete development for smaller projects. For larger projects a coordinating role is induced where the User Stories, development track and testing can be managed as well as the setup of the required tooling. (Git, developer follow-up platform, etc.)

Depending on the needs, size and timing aspects together the ideal track can be determined.


Congratulations! Your idea gained its first flower to enjoy the sunshine. It is beautiful however to fully enjoy the idea, it would even be better to have a fruit!

Do you know how to keep your idea, a state-of-the-art idea? With the project up and running, it remains critical to stay up to date with the latest technologies. Follow-up the continuous development and determine how the MVP should be scaled to a full-blown commercial application considering the latest trends. IDEAhouse can assist with a continued support in the days and years ahead and providing the necessary feedback in your IT innovation.


To get the best taste and sweetness. You will look with great care, every day again, how it evolves. Waiting for that exact moment to harvest! However, taste and looks are subjective; maybe additional opinions can help in this last decision?

IDEAhouse focusses on working together with clear communication. Sparring ideas and learning from the feedback throughout all projects is the key towards the final goal. A success is not made alone.

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